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No scientific consensus of GMO safety:
Statement from the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility
First signatories of the statement

Stop the Crop! EU campaign to prevent release of new GMO crops
Irish government must protect farmers & consumers from health impacts
Watch the full film

First peer reviewed lifetime feeding trial finds "safe" levels of GM maize and RoundUp
can cause tumours and multiple organ damage

About the GM potato protest of 12 September 2012

More on Teagasc's unwanted field trial of GMO potatoes

Irish call for moratorium on GM crops - April 2011 press release

Related statement by An Taisce – the National Trust for Ireland

Illegal GMOs in our food chain: EU Commission pushes contamination
• Commission "not empowered" to amend zero tolerance regulation
• EU Agriculture Ministers urged to vote NO on 8 February 2011

Seeds for the Reaper: a modern Irish fairy tale about the threat of GMO crops, by G.P. Moore

Proceedings of the GMO-Free Europe 2010 Conference

Monsanto's GM soy and Roundup linked to birth defects and cancer
• Scientists warn EU Parliament on dangers of GM animal feed
• Toxic herbicide routinely sprayed on Irish crops before harvest
• Consumers at risk from residues in food and feed

Interview with Prof. Andres Carrasco, lead author of the report "GM soy: Sustainable? Responsible?" by Michael O'Callaghan

Groundbreaking study shows Roundup link to birth defects
• International scientists confirm dangers of Roundup Ready GM soy widely used as animal feed

Illegal GM maize grown in Ireland • Government destroys its own field trials

Irish government urged to reject "fake EC proposal for GMO-free zones"
• 50 organisations say proposal would be impediment to trade

1 million signatures sought for GM moratorium in Europe

European Commission exceeding its powers to approve more GM crops:
• scientists denounce sinister move to weaken risk assessments

European GMO-Free Regions Network Declaration on Labels and GM-free Farming

Latest developments on Ireland's GMO-free zone policy

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Take action

Global consumer rejection of GM food: a business opportunity for Ireland

Consumers International

Greenpeace report

Green Ireland

GM contamination

GM contamination register

How we stopped BASF from releasing 450,000 GM potatoes in 2006

GM-free spud

Cathleen ni Houlihan

The GM-free Ireland Network

Global Vision homepage