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Part 3: Pseudoscience

The the so-called "scientific" paper (co-authored by D.A. Powell, K. Blaine, S. Morris and J. Wilson) was entitled "Agronomic and consumer considerations for Bt and conventional sweet-corn", and was published in the British Food Journal, Volume 105 Number 10, 2003, pp. 700-713.

The paper won the following awards:

"British Food Journal's Award for Excellence for Most Outstanding Paper in 2004"

"GM Watch Propaganda Lab Award 2006"

The paper and its authors have been criticised in the following publications, as well as by the Soil Association (see index above):

Secret Ingredients: The Brave New World of Industrial Farming. By Stuart Laidlaw, 288 pages 1st ed. (15 April 2003) McClelland & Stewart; ISBN: 0771045956.

Altered food tested at the market. By Stuart Laidlaw, Toronto Star, 8 October 2000.

Rude Science. By John W. Morris, The Manitoba Co-operator, June 21 2001. This article strongly criticizes Morris and Powell for their attack dog antics, particularly against the Royal Society of Canada for raising concerns about GMOs.

"Controversy over claims in favour of GM corn", New Scientist, issue 2553, 27 May 2006

"The GM Propaganda Lab" (originally titled "Award for a Fraud"), published by GM Watch: (see full article above) 1

"Propaganda Lab Award 2006", published by GM Watch:

Related editor's note and correspondence published in the British Food Journal, Vol 108, Issue 8, 22 August 2006:"

"Would you eat worky sweetcorn?", article by Tim Lambert, lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of New South Wales, Australia, published 7 September 2007:

"Wormy corn scientists' claims 'untrue', expert concludes", published by GM Watch, 8 September 2008."

GM Watch profile of Doug Powell (extract):

continued in Part 4

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